Summer styles

As summer is well underway, what better way to express my page than sharing the latest trends for summer!

Although summer is an exhilerating season to express my style, it can also be incredibly difficult to find the right materials and colours for a scorching 25 degree heat. I’m a huge believer in online shopping which can be very daunting as I have to accept the fact that the lushious, tanned, 5 ft 8 model will most likely wear the item better than I will! However I have found some amazing pieces from the web using the ‘new in’ or the ‘bloggers favourites’ campaigns.

Frills. Who new that the 1950s fashion trend would be crawling the streets of 2017? With so many properties the frill hem mini skirt and the frill trim trousers are definitely ‘à la mode’ for the summer!

For sweltering days by the pool, the sheer style kimono paired with the perfect plunge neck swimsuit will be your best friend! To top off this look, add a pair of wedges to cohere with the swimsuit. For the extra ‘wow factor’ add a thick choker to your style.

For the days that the sun is hiding, I would recommend denim. Denim has made a huge comeback in so many different ways. The oversized denim jacket, the white denim mini skirt and of course the 90’s comeback mom jeans that are sweeping the streets!

Florals florals florals! The main element of a flower-pattern that has caught my eye this summer would definitely be the rose patterned denim look. With many different forms and sizes, floral appliques range from nipple coverage on bralettes to embroidery that crawls up a pant leg- a definite recommendation for summer.

The trust test

Hey guys,

I recently graduated from school and because of the traditional night out I decided to get my makeup done. I’m not one for getting my makeup done as I am comfortable doing it myself, however I was under the impression that following a few fruity cocktails and a ‘quick’ boogy on the dancefloor, it would be a late night..

Makeup artists tend to go a bit overboard when some says ‘full coverage please’, if you take any advice from this blog it would be to fully comprehend how much foundation and contour they are packing on your face, and maybe splurge for a medium coverage instead!

So I sat in the high-swingy chair in front of a mirror that made me stare at all of my imperfections, my peripheral vision came in handy here! I showed the artist a picture of the desired makeup and she began her sculpture..

The eyes were very close to what I desired with a pop of pigment and an exaggerated black liner, even though the water line job did cause some unintentional tears! I really liked the lips as she used some type of glossy-lip plumper which definitely gave more of a Kylie Jenner pop. Speaking of pop, that highlighter though! Once she sweeped the thin brush across my Cupid’s bow, I couldn’t believe the difference it made to my lips.

Now, the foundation was definitely more on the ashy side. As I already have quite dry skin, I always opt for a dewy makeup look and that was not the case here. The primer, I believe, and the foundation itself were both matte finishes so it wasn’t for me. Now I think it’s safe to say that the majority of girls are quite particular about their brows. I definitely am which is why I regret letting her do my eyebrows. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the artists fault, I guarantee you that none of the makeup artists in that shop would have been able to master the secrets behind my eyebrows! The arch was not filled in properly at all (I had to redo it when I went home) and the front of the brow was way too dark and clearly overlined as it was drawn down to almost meet my eyelid! The last thing I’ll say is that a foundation line was left unblended in the section between my eyebrows, and I think this was intentional as I have seen other girls with this line. I just hope it doesn’t try to make it as a serious ‘beauty trend’..

So my experience of someone else painting my face had it’s pros and cons, however it definitely gave me some tips if I ever go again! 

Progression in the domain

Hey guys

This is my first time creating any type of blog, and because my life is nearing it’s peak, I decided this will be my main priority.

Based mainly around fashion and beauty, I will also be sharing personal opinions on various topics, whatever comes to mind!

Hopefully after a huge set of Irish state exams I will be entering the dome of a journalism degree this year. This degree invites all aspects of life, but from where the world is headed, technology is the future! So what better way of getting involved than a blog eh?

I now pronounce this blog my new years resolution.. in the middle of the year!